Addis Business Talk, Ethiopia’s First All-English Business Podcast, Goes Fully Digital

Media influences culture and fuels knowledge. It is evidently unimaginable for society to stay educated and informed in the absence of the propagative nature of mass information dispatch that media ushers. ‘Addis Business Talk’ tries to command a vital position in Ethiopia’s nascent business media air waves by generating practical discussions through the conveyance of timely, culturally-attuned, and effectual information. As the first all-English business-focused podcast in Ethiopia, ‘Addis Business Talk’ conducts interviews with individuals of significant influence by covering the most opportune and pressing issues as they pertain to business and economic policy in Ethiopia, and the rest of the continent.

Hosted by Kalid Mawi and Mered Besrat, Managing Partners of Pragma Investment Advisory, .Addis Business Talk’ was launched on the 23rd of April (2020) with the aim of promoting open dialog among policymakers, investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs. An imperative understanding was developed whereby considerable media gaps were identified: the absence of productive conversations about economic policy and its societal ramifications, as well as about the nuts and bolts of doing business in Ethiopia where best practices and lessons learned are shared – especially in the English language, complimentary to Ethiopia’s eminence in diplomacy and economic growth.

After airing on Afro FM with a sizable stack of 25 episodes featuring highly regarded guests, ‘Addis Business Talk’ has now gone fully-digital. Anyone can listen to the podcast on Audiomack, Castbox and Youtube, while the show will also begin to stream on more popular platforms soon.


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