Ethiopia Earns $3.6 Billion in Revenue from Export

Ethiopia has earned 3.6 billion US dollars from export of different commodities during the concluded 2020/2021 fiscal year, the Trade and Industry Ministry announced.
In the past budget year, the country earned 592 million US dollars more, showing over 19 percent increase from revenue registered in the same period of the previous year.
Ethiopia’s export mainly depends on agricultural products with coffee and flower contributing 25 and 13 percent respectively to the total export value.
He also underscored the need to shift to manufacturing, which is contributing only 6.8 percent to GDP.
Agriculture, manufacturing and mines contributed 2.47 billion (68%), 390 million (11%) and 668 million USD (18%) respectively to the total earning. 93 Million USD (3%) is earned from export of electricity and electronics materials.
From the total export Coffee earned 25%, Gold 19%, Flower 13%, Khat 11%, Oil seeds 9% and grains account for 6% with a total value of 3 billion USD.

Source: Capital

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