Family Milk of Ethiopia to Commence export

Family Milk, one of the top dairy product brands in Ethiopia processed by MB-PLC, is set to commence export of its new long shelf life product, company CEO said.

Speaking to New Business Ethiopia, Hailu Eshetu, CEO of MB-PLC indicated that the company will soon be engaged in exporting dairy products, which has up to six months shelf life. “We have planned to join the export market since our establishment. Meanwhile commencing production of products with longer shelf life took us some time than we expected. Now we are producing UHT milks that have al east six month of shelf life and ready to start the export,” he said.

Located in Lafto Industrial zone in the capital, Addis Ababa, the dairy products processing company plans to start exporting products to different African countries includes: Sudan, Djibouti, Somaliland, among others.

Ethiopia is one of sub Saharan African countries with a large potential in livestock, being first among African countries and 9th in the world. Livestock production in Ethiopia contributes about 16.5 percent of the national gross domestic product (GDP). However, the countries dairy industry is still in its infant stage.

Some of the major constraints of the sector include lack of regulatory policy, lack of raw materials, and unfair competition from the informal sector, according to Mr. Hailu, who also mentioned similar cheaper imported products as challenge for the growth of Ethiopia’s dairy industry.
He further noted that there are some golden opportunities to increase the milk consumption trend, which can boost income of smallholder farmers and pastoralists, as well as help to ensuring food security and create job opportunities.

Family Milk entered the market in 2002 producing various dairy products like; pasteurized milk, yoghurt, butter, and milk among others with a capacity of producing 70,000 liters per a day. It is working jointly with Singapore-based investment group Schulze Global Investments, which holds 45 percent shareholder. The remaining share is owned by the local firm MB-PLC, according to the CEO.

He also stated that Family Milk aims to become the pioneer in new product development in Ethiopia and to be recognised for delivering the industry’s highest standards in quality, innovation, service and social responsibility.

Source: New Business Ethiopia

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