Pragma Technologies to Support Ethiopia’s Drive toward Digital Transformation

  Pragma is joining forces with prominent technology companies to foster an atmosphere of technological learning and digital exposure for the Ethiopian public and private sectors. Mainly focused on telecommunications, financial technology, enterprise resource planning, ICT training, and e-commerce, Pragma Technologies is a platform that renders research, analysis, workforce recruitment, and legal advice services for regional and international technology companies interested to operate in Ethiopia.

  Pragma Technologies was established as a technology management and advisory wing to support Ethiopia’s drive toward digital transformation by fostering Pan-African and global partnerships to bridge gaps in technological capacity and human capital. The platform offers collaborative infrastructure and marketing support to its partners.

  Pragma will assist in the sourcing of a local talent pool to swiftly advance the technical engagements of its regional/international partners. It will also act as the client’s extended arm in Ethiopia, helping it secure business by leveraging its extended network of industry players. Pragma also ensures that a qualified legal team is deployed in every project as it strongly believes that commercial engagements must be backed by legal contracts, whereas a professional legal council is indispensable for well-structured partnerships.

  Pragma is a consultancy firm that provides transaction advisory, investment management, business development, management consulting, and development advisory services. Its deeply analytical understanding of the sustainable value that can be created by unlocking capital for frontier and emerging markets is what makes it stand out. The firm’s founding partners and the network of senior consultants in the team bring a combined advisory experience of 30+ years in Africa, USA, Europe and Asia.

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